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     There have been many wonderful advances in restorative dentistry in the past several years, and today there is truly no good reason for you to feel uncomfortable.

     Dental implants are a terrific alternative to conventional bridges since they feel and look natural. In fact, an implant is the closest thing you'll find to your own natural teeth. TMJ pain, clicking and teeth grinding or clenching are another area of restorative dentistry patients sometimes face.

     Many people have uneven or short teeth, and don't know what to do about it. Others wake up every morning with tension, pain, or a clicking jaw. They don't realize that this is an early warning sign of a bite problem and that this condition can be treated and corrected.  It is important to see a dentist who can evaluate and fix this problem to create a beautiful AND healthy smile. Bite balancing is a simple procedure to this problem and prevents future damage to your teeth.  To learn more about this and many other procedures that we offer.  Please contact our office. 

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